Another in the yokai series. “Hone-Onna”
Blocking in flats/basic values for a new piece.
Another yokai piece, “Satori”. markers, ink, gouache.
Okay, so I was able to get back to this. A few touches, a re-scan, and some color correction later.
Another shot with markers/ink. I went to monsters/yokai for the subject matter, which I drew a lot when I was in school. I still have some adjustments I want to make on this later, but I have move on to other work.
Marker drawing from last night.
One of a handful of drawings that I’ve been exchanging with my girlfriend while she’s out of town. We put together a list of themes to work from for each day of this past week. Today’s: A Place to Sleep.She doesn’t know about my ulterior motives to use this as practice for my digital work, so hush is the word ;) 
Sneak peek of the mural @birdcap  and I did this week. See the rest at Glitch (off Cowden and Cooper) tomorrow night.
Taking a break from comics with a decompress sketch.Using the same brush set from the previous post and 20s fashion reference photos.
Starting inks for a comic that I’m working on with with Gino Barzizza and his Hungry Fire Workshop. Using Ray Frenden’s inking brush set, which is pretty damn nice! Thanks to John for introducing me to it :)