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Q: Hi! I'm illustrating a children's book. It's my first time, it's kind of the equivalent to a highschool band's first gig at a coffee shop, and it's super exciting, but also terrifying. Any advice for a 15-year old start up?

Hmm…I’ve only had brief experience with illustrating children’s books, and even then that was a YA kind of thing.  You never specified exactly what aspect of the project scares you. Is it the business end? Are you doing this for a client? Have you established your business terms with them? 

You should make sure that you establish with a client what the job at hand entails, what the pay is, and what usage rights are you giving to the client (how will the images be used? That will also dictate the price for your services). The Graphic Artists Guild has a nice boilerplate contract to work from. Also, check the SCBWI links page for more info (hope that helps). Speaking of the GAG, their pricing and ethics book should be your bible.

Is the problem creative? I don’t want to make assumptions, but you’re really young, and maybe your process isn’t really that refined. A book that I recommend for breaking down some sequential basics is “Writing with Pictures” by Uri Shulevitz.

Is the problem confidence? A common sentiment I get from pros is that you’ll never feel ready. And you may never feel good enough. A solution for both problems is to push forward and do what you have to do. The skill and confidence will follow :)

Gee, I feel like that may have been a version of “I dunno, go ask these guys”, but hopefully this is useful.



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My former professor being a total badass.

I don’t normally get politically inclined in these posts, but the news has been hitting really close to home, and I’d be lying if I said it wasn’t taking a toll on me emotionally.

But seriously…
 Garner, Crawford, Brown, and now Ford. All unarmed, all dead, within a window of a month, because law enforcement decided that they looked like danger. They triggered racist white fear, and the harshest punishment for that crime is death. We can’t keep complacent in the fallacy, the lie that all issues pertaining to race have been resolved. We need to have a serious and honest conversation about what it means to be a person of color, and in this specific case black, in this country.

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