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Some commonly asked questions (with hopefully satisfying answers):

1) What kind of pens/markers/brushes are you using?  

A) In the context of Inktober, I’m using Tombow brush pens, Prismacolor markers, Letraset Promarkers for tone and color. The black marks/lines/blobs are done with various sable brushes and Yasutomo sumi ink, and a Pentel Pocket brush pen.

2) How long does it take to finish a drawing?

A) As far as sketches/studies/quick one-offs, Anywhere between 15 minutes to maybe two hours or so.

3) Any drawing advice for beginners? 

A) Geez… My friend John is really good at this kind of thing, but, once again, in the context of drawing and sketching, draw. And do it a lot, especially from life if you can help it. I would say if you have particular concerns about shortcomings, try to see if you can distill them into questions. That  will help you pinpoint what you need to hone in on and avoid wasting time.  

4) Will you follow me back? 

A) Make more derpy butt drawings and we’ll see…

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#Inktober 10: Dragon Rider
For all of my Minneapolis friends/people who are in that area, Light Grey Art Lab is opening the “Skate or Die” exhibition tonight. Here’s my Tengu piece that I can finally share. Follow the link for more awesome work from the show!
—-> http://lightgreyartlab.com/skate-or-die-exhibition/