Stairs at the Bluff. Definitely the workout portion of bike rides through downtown Memphis.
Greenline Sculpture 
During the month of April, I will be participating in a 30 Day Car-Free Challenge in Memphis. The point of said challenge is summed up in this paragraph from the site’s “about” page: 
“Memphis residents have a multitude of transportation choices available to them. However, 90% of us continue to drive alone in our cars each day for most of our trips. Some of the alternatives, like bicycling, are growing in popularity and are becoming more common each day. Others, like carpooling, remain at low levels of utilization throughout the city despite a number of resources available to help establish such programs. The goal of this challenge is to  get residents to leave their cars are home, at least for one day, and try (many for the first time) the other choices that are available to you.”
I’m part of a special group of participants volunteering to go the entire month without using a car as a primary means of transport, which is no major adjustment for me since I’ve been a bike commuter for years now. We are also tasked with blogging about our experiences (my first post is here, forgive my excitement-derived typos!) going car free in Memphis. I’m also taking this as an opportunity to create a few illustrations based on observations made while travelling by bike, like this weird sculpture I saw hanging on the Greenline. I’ll being posting periodically during the month, so keep an eye out!  
Penciling for one of the first commission requests :) If you want one, more at #commissionopenseason
Ink, gouache, and digital “black light” experiment.
Panel discussion at the University of Memphis that followed the Memphis PSO screening of “My Brooklyn”, a documentary that addressed the aggressive remodeling and gentrification of Brooklyn. The discussion after the film drew parallels to gentrification in Memphis and turned into a lively conversation. From left to right (top row): Taylor Berger, Leah Dawkins, Dr.Ken Reardon, and Dr. Todd Richardson
A conversation.