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I meant to post these yesterday, but well…I didn’t, haha! A couple pages from a comic project that I’ll have finished by August.

It’s been a lot of fun to get back into the medium of comics. When I went to school, I studied drawing and illustration, and then fell in LOVE with seq.narrative towards the latter half of my studies. I always liked comics casually as a consumer, but the craftsmanship and skill that some of my heroes possessed definitely appealed to me as I got more serious about art and illustration. Also, way that a story can be told through this medium never ceases to amaze me. A big lesson learned- Making comics can hard, but it’s such a great education in drawing/page layout/graphic design/typography/writing/story development/visual development/lots of other constructive stuff. And if you’re doing it right, you’ll probably have the hands of a surgeon.

Long story short, I graduated, found myself leaning towards single image work for a while, and did comics as a peripheral thing, which has always been a bit of a self-imposed slow hurt, so I’ve made it a point to devote a few days of my week solely to comics work, which has been one of the better decisions I’ve made in while.

Anyway, thanks for reading, and liking what I’ve been posting so far and there will be more coming soon.


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